Thursday, April 17, 2008

Maximus Minimus in the Adventures of the Job Seekers

Ladies and Gentlemen, especially the gentlemen, please step up and be amazed. Hire me today to bring beauty and cuteness to your lives! I'm easy on the eyes and very loyal. That means I expect loyalty from you, sharing your lap with Buddy. And I mean NO-Buddy!!

HAHA, that's great, Maxine!! Dog for Hire, haha. More like, step right up and hire Max the amazing pee machine. Watch and be amazed at how 50% of his body weight is urine. HAHA! I haven't laughed so hard since that time you fell off the couch...oooh, the good old days. *sniff, sniff* Do you smell food?

Derrrr, with my superior olfactory abilities I detected the aroma of a single kernel of corn located 15 feet away under the refrigerator. I suppose I'll see you in 10 minutes once you figure out your tongue is 6 inches too short to reach it. Not to mention it wouldn't hurt you to skip a few meals or are you still considering that job as the Fat Lady when the circus rolls into town?

Nice one, Max, point to you. Oh well, all kidding aside we'll miss Nick when he gets that job soon! Dang, can't quite reach that piece of corn!!

You said it, how else am I going to keep working on my cute physique without my daily beauty runs!! Then again, I could always hire him as my the dog park, James!!

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jamcraft said...

As always, this is the best blog in cyberspace! Keep us updated! We love the laughs! Mamasita and Papa